The following list will help guide you through some activities to complete during your first 30 to 60 days as an Origami Owl Designer. Each step brings you closer to becoming a huge success!


□ Determine what you want to accomplish with your Origami Owl business (your very first goals).

□ Know your “WHY”. Knowing why you started your business, why you chose Origami Owl, and why you want to grow your business is a very powerful message. You will share your “WHY” and personal story at every interaction and with prospective business owners. This passion point will help you determine and achieve your short and long term goals with Origami Owl.

□ Organize your calendar and identify the dates you are available to hold Origami Owl parties or events. Set a goal to have 6-10 available time slots in your first 30 days. You may not fill them all, but you want to be able to give your potential hostesses a choice. Set a date for your personal launch party to be held within your first month in business. (You do not need to have your launch package to start planning and inviting). If your business mentor (sponsor) is local, attend one of her parties for some “hands on” training. If she is not local, schedule a time to get tips and hints from her to have a successful party.

□ Plan for and schedule to attend all Corporate Update Conference Calls (the first Tuesday of every month) and the Business Beginners call (the second Tuesday of the month). Personalize your Origami Owl website and take time to become familiar with all of the fabulous tools available to you in the Designers Back Office.

□ Sign up for the PRO version of your back office ($9.95/mo) immediately. There are a wide variety of printable business resources and marketing materials, in additional to important helpful graphical sales information as well.

□ If you have a smart phone, add the Origami Owl smart phone app to your personal phone so you are always in the know.

□ Record your outgoing voicemail message on your phone to promote your business. Make sure it is professional. Ex. Hi this is Suzanne Smith, Independent Origami Owl Designer. I am so sorry I missed your call, but if you would, leave your name, phone number and a brief message and I will return your call just as soon as possible.”

□ Begin working on your Origami Owl “Hot 100” contact list. You will want to continually review and add to this list to keep your party and event calendar full. (The Hot 100 List can be found in your Back Office).

□ Set up a separate personal checking account, with a credit or debit card associated with it, so you can see your business profits grow.

□ If needed, order additional inventory for all of the parties you have scheduled in your first 14-30 days.

□ Make a list of guests to invite to your party. Aim to invite at least 40 people. Think of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, children’s friends parents, acquaintances, people on your holiday card list.

□ Begin inviting your “40 guests” to your launch party. If possible, send invitations via mail utilizing the version included in your launch package and order additional copies from your Back Office if necessary. If time does not allow for this method, send an emailable invitation utilizing or

□ Begin booking your first 4-6 parties to be held during your first month of business. 


□ Share the excitement! Invite a friend or two to come over and open your Business Launch Package with you. Before they leave, they may want to join your team or be the Hostess of one of your very first parties!

□ Review all of the items that arrived in your package. A list of items can be found on the printed invoice inside. □ Call your business mentor and share your excitement about everything you received. Review your business goals with her.

□ Put together your very first Living Locket, the one that tells your story best and wear it everywhere. You never know what opportunities may come from this free form of advertising!

□ Review the Designer Rewards program and set your goal for how many Hoot Loot shopping credits you want to earn in your first two calendar months. For every $250 you order, you earn $25 in Hoot Loot.

□ Become familiar with the Origami Owl Host Rewards minimums and create your personalized Host Rewards Program that works for your business. Beautifully designed flyers are available in the Resource Center of the PRO version of the Designers Back Office that can be personalized.

□ Receive hostess coaching from your mentor to prepare yourself for your business launch party. Make sure you do everything you would expect a successful future hostess to do. Lead by example!

□ Stamp, label, or personalize all of your Origami Owl Take Out Menus, business cards, order forms, hostess flyers, table display posters and other marketing materials. (See Resource Center in PRO version of Designers Back Office for a wide variety of editable printables, including editable label templates).

□ Share your excitement with others and keep booking more parties and events. Parties and events will likely prove to be the most profitable way to sell Origami Owl. Share the business opportunity with others and build your very own team! Don’t forget to share the Origami Owl Take Out Menu with everyone you talk with and build your e-commerce business as well!


□ The day is quickly approaching for your first Origami Owl party. Get super excited and be prepared!

□ Preparation builds confidence and confidence builds your business. Your passion for the business and your personal story will inspire others and help it grow as well.

□ Familiarize yourself with the flow of the party. Create an outline on 3 x 5 cards to remind you of key points you want to cover with your guests. Find ways to make your presentation natural and comfortable by making it personal. Tell guests about the origins of Origami Owl and what led you to become involved. Your passion will ultimately inspire others and help to make your presentation very natural and conversational. After all, this is YOUR story – own it!

□ A well designed table display will ultimately help you sell more. Use coordinating props to enhance the shopping experience and create a boutique effect. Consider using neck forms or jewelry displays to hang necklace samples. Display pricing cards from your Business Launch Package in 4x6 photo frames, include a mirror, and plenty of Origami Owl Take Out Menus. Utilize anything else that will help make your table classy while keeping the integrity of the Origami Owl brand.

□ Be sure to have enough Customer Order Forms and pens on hand for each of your guests. Each order, whether fulfilled at the party or not, must include a completed Customer Order Form. Guests will keep the top copy and you will retain the bottom copy for your records.

□ Consider leaving an email sign up sheet on your table and encourage guests to leave their name and email address if they would like to stay up to date on the latest news about Origami Owl or are interested in hosting a party or hearing more about the business opportunity. A printable branded sign up sheet is available in the Resources section of your Back Office.


□ Call your Business Mentor and share your excitement and results.

□ Set up a time to work with your Business Mentor to enter your first party orders or to replenish your inventory.

□ Send thank you notes to your hostess and guests and provide excellent customer service with follow up contact. A handwritten note to your hostess is highly recommended and email or mail guests who placed orders.

□ Send a handwritten thank you note to each guest that booked a party thanking them, confirming the date and letting them know that you have reserved that specific day and time for their party. Include the 4 page Hostess Party Guide (available in the Resources section of your Back Office) to begin coaching them on how to have a successful party. Fulfill all orders at party with inventory. Any outstanding items needing to be ordered and shipped must be placed within 72 hours of the original party date to ensure that they are received in a timely manner.

□ Follow up with potential hostesses and anyone interested in the business opportunity within 24-48 hours. It is extremely important to contact with urgency while the great experience they had at the party is still fresh on their minds.

You did it! You made it through your very first Origami Owl party. Congratulations! Continue to call your “Hot 100” list to share the business opportunity, book more parties and keep the momentum going! 

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Have an OWLsome Day!



    After joining the waiting list I waited FIVE weeks before I received my official invitation email! It was the longest 5 weeks of my life! No one in my area that I knew was doing it and my mentor was 5 hours away. I had to wait 5 weeks not only to join but to see the jewelry in person. Boy was it worth the wait! Eight months later I wouldn't trade my Origami Owl business for anything in the world.


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