When building any successful business, there should be a concentrated effort on promotion and advertising. Whether you were opening a restaurant, a nail salon, a new boutique, or your new Origami Owl business, whom would you tell? The most inexpensive way to promote your business is through your personal contacts. Based on research, each person knows between 100-500 people and everyone you know also has a circle of contacts they know. This is the best place to begin your business. Brainstorm a running list of pro- spective Hostesses and Designers. Include people to ask for referrals. You will be amazed just how many people you know! Be inclusive and don’t over think it. Don’t forget to update weekly! 

+ Friends
+ Acquaintances
+ People you haven’t talked to in 10 years + Neighbors (past and present)
+ Relatives
+ Kid’s friends’ parents
+ Kid’s friends’ parents from organizations + Kid’s friends’ parents from extra-curricular 
+ PTO/PTA contacts
+ Teachers
+ Clubs (Scouts, Junior Leagues, Booster)
+ Clubs (Scouts, Junior Leagues, Booster)
+ Mom’s club
+ Babysitters
+ Co-workers
+ Spouse’s co-workers + Empty nesters
+ Holiday card list + Hair stylist
+ Manicurist
+ Bank teller
+ Realtor
+ Doctor
+ Dentist
+ People from church 
+ Wedding invite list 
+ Family and friends in other areas 
+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ Pinterest
+ Other Social media contacts


If not them, then WHO can they refer you to? Always ask the people on your list who they know that might be interested in hosting a party or becoming a Designer. Don’t pre-judge who will and who will not support you. Always send a “thank you” note to anyone who gives you a referral! 


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    After joining the waiting list I waited FIVE weeks before I received my official invitation email! It was the longest 5 weeks of my life! No one in my area that I knew was doing it and my mentor was 5 hours away. I had to wait 5 weeks not only to join but to see the jewelry in person. Boy was it worth the wait! Eight months later I wouldn't trade my Origami Owl business for anything in the world.


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