Jewelry Bars that are already on your calendar may just be the best place to schedule future Jewelry Bars!
Build Party Attendance!
Just remember:
The more people at your parties, the more potential to book future parties.
Work closely with each hostess to help her maximize her party attendance. Use the hostess coaching checklist provided by O2 and see some additional tips below. Please feel free to comment and add your ideas too!
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Challenge your hostess to help!
Ask your host to have a booking or two waiting for you...and make it worthwhile!
Also, entice her to re-book after a new catalog is available to earn more free custom jewelry from our newest collections into her collection.

ALSO...Always encourage guests to bring a friend. Write it on the invites, post it on facebook...and offer an incentive. Think about a low-cost or no-cost incentive to offer your hostess when her ordering guests hit 10+.  Use your imagination on this one! Also, think about offering an immediate dating gift for those who book at your party.

Offer to call each guest before the party... Most direct sellers overlook this important step, so making pre-party calls will set you apart!

  • As a service to your hostess, offer to call each guest to confirm  their attendance, and in doing so encourage them to bring a friend.  Making a personal connection with potential guests prior to the party helps you build the “know, like & trust” factor and establishes your standard of customer service. Even leaving a voicemail can highlight your professionalism and show how you support each host. Most direct sellers overlook this step, so making pre-party calls will set yourself apart.  When considering hosting a party for you they are going to remember how you helped their friend have a successful party and that is going to rack up serious brownie points!
Greet Guests with Interest @ Remember Their Names!
Learn something special about each guest in your pre-party chat. 
In sales (and life), being interested is always better than being interesting!

  • What do they do? Where do they live? How do they know the hostess? How familiar are they with your product line? and so on... Also, when you sincerely address guests by name, you communicate that they are important to you. If you cannot remember everyones names consider using name tags.

Highlight your Hostess & Promote your Hostess Benefits!
Make each hostess feel appreciated and special.
Promote the benefits of being a hostess through verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Without your hostesses hospitality you would not have a vehicle to help build your business successfully. Publicly acknowledge your hostess and others will be more inclined to host in the future. Make sure you promote the benefits your hostess will receive for hosting and mention that anyone can earn those rewards for simply inviting their friends over for girls night out...complete with shopping! I always have a small stack of hostess reward flyers where I’m sitting taking orders. That way i can hand them one with their receipt and ask if they would like to earn a free shopping spree to take care of everything on their wish list that they may not have ordered that night.

Party with Play!
Always remember, it is a party you are promoting. Infuse fun & laughter into your party process and bookings will follow. The more your guests enjoy the time together, the more they will want to repeat the experience and get their friends together. It is up to you to create the party atmosphere.

  • Find something you can hang paper tags on. An earring tree or small frame with pin board will work. 
  • Make or buy your paper “tags”.
  • On your paper tags, have an extra incentive on one side and a date that you would like to book on the reverse.
  • Hang them with the incentive facing forward and wait for them to ask what that’s all about...or mention your booking tree when you mention the hostess rewards.
  • This helps get bookings on the days that are best for you.
  • I have even seen ladies ( I think this is how I am going to do my new one) use little picture holder stands using index cards for your booking dates, incentives and space for them to write their info down. I will add some display pictures and ideas soon. That will be a whole new post :)
You are ready to book more parties at your parties!
You are awesome. 
Wherever you are in your business right now is the perfect place for you to be...right now.
Remember business "seeds" take about 90 days to grow. Plant your seeds (talking to as many people as possible about your business, dropping off business cards, etc.) and wait for them to grow :) As long as you are consistently working your business and planting seeds your business will continue to grow! 

Be grateful.
Be patient.
Be a force for good!




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