Tony Robbins is by far one of my favorite speakers today.  One of my goals is to attend his Unleash the Power Within seminar and do the Fire Walk! Check out this YouTube video "Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results" and utilize what you learn to help you in your O2 business.

Jeffery Gitomer writes some of the funniest, straight to the point, all-killer-no-filler sales books I have ever read. And I've read a lot! His 'YES! Attitude' book is my favorite but I also {LOVE} 'The Little Red Book of Selling'! Here is one of his videos that I found on YouTube. This guy knows his stuff. Apply even his basic teachings to your business and I promise it will make a difference!
I loved the 5 Beliefs he gives us. Use "I" at the beginning of those sentences and read those every day that you sit down to your home office to "work"!

Hope you enjoyed the videos today. There are tons of great resources online, at the local library or book store to help you build your business from home.  Take advantage of all the great knowledge out there to build your sales muscles!



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